This surgery treats a bulging or herniated disc in your lower back. It gets rid of the tissue that presses on your spinal nerves. And it's done without a large incision.


To begin, you are anesthetized. The surgeon makes a small opening in your skin. With the help of a fluoroscope (a video x-ray device), a guide wire is pushed through the opening and to your spine. Then, the surgeon enlarges the opening around the guide wire to make a working channel. The whole surgery is done through this channel.

Clearing the spinal canal

Using a camera (or microscope) and tiny instruments, the surgeon makes an opening to reach your spinal canal. The bulging disc tissue is cleared away. This makes more room for your spinal nerves. It gets rid of the pressure.

End of procedure

When the surgery is done, your skin is closed with a small bandage. You are watched for a brief time as you wake up. Follow your surgeons instructions as you recover.